State Accredited

  • St. Joseph Parish School is accredited in the State of Ohio and meets all requirements established by the Ohio Department of Education.
  • Along with most states in our country, the Diocese of Cleveland and St. Joseph Parish School have chosen to adopt the Common Core Standards.


  • St. Joseph School is aligning the curriculum and instructional materials in implementing the Common Core Standards.
  • Math enrichment activities are provided for students at all grade levels.
  • Math leveling begins in fifth grade.  Leveling provides greater individualized instruction to meet the needs of all students according to aptitude and achievement.
  • In grades 3-8, math skills are systematically reviewed and reinforced with the supplemental math series, Simple Solutions.
  • Approximately 80% of the seventh and eighth grade students participate in advance math classes and complete Algebra I as eighth graders.
  • After school math clubs are offered to middle school and junior high students.  The students work collaboratively on higher- level math problems that sharpen problem-solving skills and enhance the entire math curriculum. These teams compete in regional math competitions.

Language Arts

  • The English Language Arts Curriculum develops the skills of communication:  reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and researching.
  • St. Joseph School is aligning the curriculum and instructional materials in implementing the Common Core Standards.
  • The Accelerated Reader program offers students in grades 1-8, an individualized program to enhance reading and comprehension skills.  This program encourages a love for reading and introduces a variety of authors and subject matter.
  • Junior Great Books, a supplement to the Language Arts curriculum in grades 2 and 4, introduces students to the great works of literature through folktales and classic and modern fiction.
  • Sadlier’s Vocabulary Workshop extends and enhances the development of vocabulary in grades six through eight.
  • Power of the Pen is a statewide writing competition for seventh and eighth grade students.  During the competition, students are provided writing prompts on a variety of topics.  To prepare, students practice their writing skills after school twice a week with the seventh and eighth grade faculty.  During the 2012-2013 school year, our seventh grade team was selected to participate at the final state competition.


  • St. Joseph School meets the Technology Competency Standards established by the Diocese of Cleveland.
  • St. Joseph School has a highly skilled educator who teaches computer skills in a state of the art computer lab.
  • Students in grades K-8 attend weekly computer classes.  Instruction includes basic computer skills, keyboarding, graphing, internet research, presentation skills, word processing, cloud computing, and internet safety.
  • Maintaining the latest technology is a key element of St. Joseph School’s commitment to providing an engaging learning environment that stimulates student interest and achievement in the classroom.
  • All classrooms have wired and wireless Internet access.
  • ActivBoards, the most up-to-date classroom technology, are implemented at every grade level and in the science lab.
  • In September 2013, the computer lab was updated to include 25 iMac Intel computers.
  • The Mac OS X system, with its iLife software, camcorder, and digital camera, enables teachers and students to make slideshows, movies, podcasts, and web pages.
  • A Mobile computer lab, including 36 MacBook Pros and printers, brings the benefits of technology to classrooms of all grade levels throughout the year.
  • Two iPad2 carts (30 iPads each), bring internet research and educational Apps to grades K-8.