Board of Directors                                Commissioners

Kevin GibridePresident
Katie Serevitch, Vice President/Athletic Director
Greg Mueller, Second Vice President

Nicole Addington, Treasurer
Brendan Mackin, Secretary
Laurie Comer, Officer at Large - Tournaments
Jackie McGinty, Officer at Large - Uniforms
Greg Faltenovich, Officer at Large - Registration

Sarah Moeller, Officer at Large - Equipment

Chip Zepp, Football
Laurie Comer, Volleyball
Chris O'Donnell, Boys Basketball
OPEN, Girls Basketball
Ryan Seman, High School Basketball
Meredith Borer, Track
Rochelle Thornburg, Cheerleading

Seeking New Members   


The CYO Board is seeking new members. Please contact current members for information. 

CYO Board Meetings

The CYO Board Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month in the Gathering Area of the Church.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend!
Meeting minutes




ARTICLE I.           NAME


The name of this organization shall be the Catholic Youth Organization of St. Joseph Parish, Avon Lake, Ohio (hereinafter “CYO”). 




Section 1.    Purpose:


The purpose of this CYO is to assist in the Church’s ministry to its youth and to assist youth through athletics to be more Christ-like in the way they live.


Section 2.    Function:


A.       CYO functions to guide, serve, and assist the family, the parish, and the local community by providing a combined program of spiritual, social, athletic, and service activities which are creative and challenging for youth and which call forth the gifts and the talents of youth in their leisure time.


B.       CYO coordinates and provides programs that are not otherwise provided or available to the youth of the parish and local community.


C.       CYO strives to unite the entire community in the activities and projects of the youth.


Section 3.    Objective:


The objective of CYO is to promote the spiritual and physical development of youth through their participation in CYO programs.  The key to success is found in the many volunteers who freely give of their time, energy, resources and expertise.  It is the expectation of everyone associated with the CYO to model the values and ideals of our Catholic faith.   Volunteers therefore are required to develop their skills through participation in training to help them learn the CYO philosophy and bring it to life at the parish level.





Section 1.    Youth Participation:


Youth participation is subject to compliance with, but not limited solely to, the requirements of the Diocese of Cleveland  CYO eligibility rules. Any youth shall be eligible for participation in St. Joseph CYO programs and activities if the youth is enrolled in St. Joseph day school or the youth is currently enrolled and active in the St. Joseph PSR program during the previous school year.   In the event that there are insufficient numbers of youths to adequately fill a roster, then roster positions will be opened to members of adjoining parishes who are currently enrolled and active in that parish’s PSR program and were enrolled and active in a PSR program during the previous school year.


In accordance with Diocesan by-laws, at the discretion of the Board, any youth, from another parish, may be eligible for participation in a St. Joseph CYO program.





Section 1.    Governing Authority:


As a member of the Diocese of Cleveland CYO, the Constitution provides the framework of the CYO club for St. Joseph Parish of Avon Lake.  All activities of this CYO are governed first and foremost by the current Charter and Bylaws for the Diocese of Cleveland CYO.  In all cases, the directives of the Diocese of Cleveland CYO are to be followed.  In the case of a conflict between this Constitution and future editions of the Diocese of Cleveland CYO Charter and Bylaws, the Diocese of Cleveland CYO document will be followed.


Section 2.    Direction and Control:


In accordance with the Diocese of Cleveland CYO Charter and Bylaws, this CYO is under the administration of the Pastor of the parish and the appointed Pastoral Designee






Section 1.    Board of Directors:


The general affairs of the CYO shall be governed by a Board of Directors, which shall be comprised of nine (9) board positions.  An individual may serve in multiple board positions, with at least five (5) individuals serving in those positions, plus the following shall be ex-officio voting members of the Board: (i) the Pastor (ii) the Principal of the St. Joseph Day School; and (iii) the Director of the Parish School of Religion.  The Board may periodically fix, determine and change the number of Directors to serve on the Board.


Section 2.    Election and Qualifications:


Directors shall be elected by ballot at the May Board Meeting, by majority vote of the Current Board of Directors.  Directors shall serve one-year terms in office, until the May Board Meeting the following year. Only individuals (not entities) and only individuals who are active members of the parish shall be qualified to be nominated, to be elected and to serve as Directors on the Board of the CYO. 


Section 3.    Voting at Meetings:


The Board shall meet and act at regular CYO meetings and may meet at the call of the President or of any two members of the Board and may act by majority vote of the Directors present so long as at least a majority of the members have been given one day’s notice of the time and place of the meeting and the business to be acted upon at such meeting.  A Director may not vote by proxy and only Directors who are present in-person and/or vote via e-mail are permitted to cast a vote on matters submitted to the Board for consideration.


Section 4.    Responsibilities:


The Board shall have responsibility for appointing coaches and parent representatives for each CYO sponsored team or activity, for presenting at the May CYO Board meeting the name of one candidate for nomination for all positions to be filled at the Board meeting in May, and for selecting all standing or special  committee chairperson or sport commissioners not otherwise provided for in this constitution, and for authorizing any action or expense of an emergency nature when such action or expense must be taken or incurred prior to the next regular CYO meeting. 


Section 5.    Regular Board Meetings:


A.       Attendance:


Attendance at CYO Regular Board Meetings shall be open to any member of the St. Joseph CYO general parish.


B.       Meetings:


1.       The CYO Regular Board Meetings shall be held monthly from August to June at the discretion of the Board at a designated room in the parish plant.  Upon appropriate notice to Directors of the Board, Special Board Meetings may be called by the President or by any two Directors of the Board. Additionally, a general meeting of the CYO should happen for parents and coaches (with the Board of the CYO).


2.       A majority of Directors in office (who must be present in person) constitutes a quorum of the Board for the transaction of business at any Board Meeting.   A quorum must exist as a condition precedent to (and at the time of) the transaction of any Board business or the vote upon any matter submitted to the Board.


3.       Each Director shall be entitled to one vote (even if the Director holds two (2) positions on the Board) on all matters submitted to the Board for its vote, consent, waiver, release or other action.  A simple majority of those Directors present/in person and via e-mail (if the issue is presented for an e-mail vote) and voting shall carry any motion unless otherwise specified in this constitution.


4.       Unless otherwise permitted by the President, the right of any person to address any Board Meeting shall be limited to those whose petition has been approved for the agenda in advance of the meeting.


5.       A written record of actions transacted at all CYO Board Meetings, prepared by the secretary in minutes or otherwise, shall be preserved in the CYO files. 


6.       The ordinary order of meetings shall be: 


a.       Prayer;

b.       Recording of attendees;

c.       Approval of minutes as published or amended;

d.       Treasurer’s Report;

e.       Communications

1.       Parish Council;

2.       Other;

f.        Activity/Committee reports (e.g. football, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, tournament, awards banquet);


g.       Old Business;

h.       New Business;

i.        Adjournment;

j.        Prayer. 


C.       Responsibilities:


The Board of CYO, acting through regular or special meetings, shall have responsibility for directing all CYO policies, programs, activities, affairs and other matters; and may adopt bylaws by a vote of one more than a simple majority of the board members present at any regular meeting, provided that the bylaws have been presented in writing at the previous CYO meeting.


Section 7.    Bylaws:


For its own governance, the Board may adopt bylaws consistent with this Constitution and approved by the Board.






Section 1.    Office Elections:


The office of President, Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and four (4) Officers at Large (who shall also be Directors) an individual can hold multiple board positions (but maintains only one vote) shall be elected from the nominations made by the nominating committee and by members of the parish to terms by majority vote of the Board present at the open meeting in May of each year as follows: 


President:                                            1 Year

Vice President:                                    1 Year

Second Vice President:                       1 Year

Secretary:                                           1 Year

Treasurer:                                           1 Year

Officers at Large (equipment):            1 Year

Officers at Large (registration):          1 Year

Officers at Large (tournaments):        1 Year

Officers at Large (uniforms):               1 Year


Section 2.    Duties and Powers of Directors:


A.       The President shall preside as chairperson at regular and special CYO meetings and at the regular and special meetings of the Executive Committees; shall act as chairperson of the nominating committee; shall act as the public representative of the CYO and as the CYO representative to Parish Council; and shall perform such other duties and exercise such other powers as may from time to time be delegated to him/her. 


B.       The Vice President shall preside and act in the place of the President when he/she is absent or unable to act; he/she shall act as chairperson of the program committee; and he shall be the Athletic Director.


C.       The Second Vice President shall assist the President and Vice President (Athletic Director) when requested. 


D.      The Treasurer shall oversee the financial affairs of the CYO; shall make monthly financial report at regular CYO meetings.


E.       The Secretary shall prepare, publish, and maintain minutes of CYO meetings; shall conduct, receive, and dispose of all correspondence as directed; shall preserve all reports and documents committed to his/her care; shall act as chairperson of the Public Relations Committee; and shall receive and publish all sports schedules. 


F.       Officer at Large (Equipment) shall oversee the distribution, retention, maintenance and collection of all equipment for the CYO programs.


G.      Officer at Large (Registration) shall oversee the registration for all CYO programs at St. Joseph Parish.


H.      Officer at Large (Tournaments) shall oversee the planning and he supervision of tournaments for the CYO programs.


I.        Officer at Large (Uniforms)  shall oversee the distribution and collection of all uniforms for the CYO programs.


Section 3.    Director Vacancies and Succession:


Director vacancies shall occur from a Director’s disqualification, death, resignation (with or without cause) from Office.  Without prior notice or demand, any Director may be removed from Office (with or without cause) by the Board by action of the holders of at least a majority vote.  At any time, a Director may resign from Office by delivering or mailing written notice of the resignation to any Director (other than the resigning Director).  The resignation shall be effective upon actual receipt of the notice by the Director, unless the notice specifies a later resignation date.  The Vice-President shall assume the vacancy of the President position.  The Board shall appoint all other Director vacancies. 





Members of special committees concerned with the permanent work of the CYO and special committees concerned with special works or projects may be appointed by the Board. Each such committee may operate under a chairperson, shall keep a record of proceedings and shall report to the members of the Board at regular CYO meetings



Section 1.    Special Committees:


A.       The Nominating Committee shall consist of the members of the Board under the chairpersonship of the President.  The nominating committee shall be responsible for nominating at the April meeting a suitable and willing candidate for each officer position and the Board of Directors to be elected at the May meeting.  The names of such nominees, the date, time and place of the May general membership election meeting, and the fact that additional nominations may be made from the floor during such meeting, shall be made known to the members of the parish by suitable means.


B.       The Program Committee shall consist of the officer at large (tournaments) who shall act as chairperson and such other members as he/she shall select.  The committee shall be responsible for the overall planning and supervision of special committees for special projects authorized by the Board such as annual basketball tournaments, volleyball tournaments fund raising dances, award banquets, communion breakfasts, and other such activities.  The committee shall meet on the call of the chairperson, and shall prepare and continually maintain a schedule of any required fund-raising program activities for review and adoption by the Board.


C.       The Uniform, Equipment and Property Committee shall consist of the officer at large (uniforms) who shall act as chairperson, and such other members as he/she shall elect.  The committee shall meet at the call of the officer at large (uniforms); shall be responsible for ascertaining from time to time the location and condition of all CYO owned uniforms, equipment and property; and whenever appropriate shall make reports and recommendations at regular or special meetings of the Board regarding such uniform, equipment and property. 


D.      The Finance Committee shall consist of the Treasurer who shall act as chairperson and such other members as he/she shall select.  The committee shall meet after election of officers in May, shall prepare a proposed budget of expected revenues and expenses for the coming year for presentation and adoption at the September meeting of the Board, and shall subsequently prepare a statement of actual revenues and expenses for the year for presentation at the June meeting. 


E.       The Public Relations Committee shall consist of the Secretary who shall act as chairperson and such other members as he/she shall select.  The committee shall assist in the preparation and publication of bulletin, brochure, newspaper, and other media announcements of CYO programs and activities. 


Other Committees:


Other Committees for special projects may be commissioned and shall be approved by action of the Board , shall be presided over by chairperson appointed by the Board, and be disbanded upon project completion and report.





Section 1.    Definitions:


For purposes of this Article VIII, the following words and phrases have the meanings designated below:


a.       “Claim” means, with respect to any Indemnified Individual (as defined herein) any and all threatened, pending or contemplated claims, actions, suits or proceedings (whether civil, criminal, administrative, or otherwise and whether under local, state of federal law) and any and all appeals related there to.


b.       “Indemnified Individual” means, subject to the terms and conditions herein: (i) all past, present and future Directors and Officers of the CYO, and (ii) as the Board may periodically determine, such employees, volunteers and other agents of the CYO. 


Section 2.    Indemnification for Third-Party Claims:


To the fullest extent authorized or permitted by law, it is hereby determined that the CYO and the parish shall indemnify and save harmless any and all Indemnified Individuals from and against all liabilities arising or resulting from any Claim (other than a Claim by or in the right of the CYO), under which the Indemnified Individual is a party or participant because of actions or omissions of the CYO or the Indemnified Individual; provided, however, that the CYO and the parish shall not indemnify or save harmless an Indemnified Individual for such Person’s gross negligence, willful misconduct or any action or omission not taken in the best interests of the CYO or the parish.


Section 3.    Insurance and Similar Protection:


Whether or not the indemnification, release and other provisions of this Article apply, the CYO and/or parish may purchase and maintain insurance upon and/or furnish similar protection (including, but not limited to, Directors and Officers insurance coverage) for any Indemnified Individual to cover any Liability such Indemnified Individual may incur.





This constitution may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of those members of the Board present at a regular meeting, provided the amendment has been presented at the previous regular meeting of the Board, and made known to the Board by some suitable means. 









A.       A team will be formed whenever there is sufficient interest and number of qualified participants and a qualified coach is available.


B.       Teams should be split when possible to provide maximum opportunities for participation.


C.       In situations where the number of student-athletes registered for a specific sport and division warrant, and assuming the availability of sufficient number of certified CYO coach/volunteers, multiple teams will be formed for that sport/division.  Roster sizes of these teams are to be as equal as practically possible.  The parish Athletic Director, the responsible parish Sport Commissioner and the President shall be jointly responsible for determining the rosters through skill assessments made during non-biased, performance-based evaluation session(s).  Coaches may have an opportunity to offer input before final decisions are made.


For terms of this section, evaluations will be performed by non-biased individuals who do not have a child in the grade they are evaluating.


D.      In the 3rd (Minor) 4th (Elemental), 5th (Developmental), and 6th grade (Cadet) Divisions, teams shall be formed so that equal talent exists on each team or as provided in CYO rules.  “A” and “B” teams may be formed in each of the 7th (Youth) and 8th grade (Intermediate) Divisions.  In the event that the number of student-athletes permits the formation of three or more teams, one or more “A” team may be created with teams and teams will be formed based on the talent level of the grade and at the discretion of the president, Athletic Director and Commissioner. Other teams, including but not limited to “B” teams, may be formed so that equal talent exists on each “B” team.  Once the size of the teams is determined, the roster of the “A” team will be filled with players ranking highest in the skills assessment process during the evaluation session, with the assistance of prior coaching and other evaluations, if needed.  The remaining pool of players may form another "A" team or “B” team, depending on talent, or in the event of multiple “B” teams be divided so that equal talent exists on each “B” team.


As a guideline, for each sport, the roster size for each team should not be less than the following:



Football       - 18 players

Baseball      - 11 players

Basketball   -    8 players

Volleyball    -    9 players


E.       In sports where there are multiple teams at a grade level, assistant coaches will be selected after the rosters are selected.


F.       There are several reasons why a player selected for an “A” team might prefer to play for a “B” team, including (but not limited to) the following:  desire for more playing time, a desire to compete a different level of competition, and conflicting academic, athletic and/or social priorities.  Should a player selected for an “A” team prefer to play for a “B” team, that player’s desire will be accommodated up to the point that the final rosters are submitted to the CYO offices.  No changes or exceptions are permitted once rosters have been finalized.  In the event that an “A” player transfers to a “B” team as described above, and in an effort to maintain balanced team sizes, the opportunity to join the “A” team will be extended to the “B” team members in the order determined during the performance evaluation sessions.


G.      The final decision as to rosters, coaching assignments and roster size rests with the responsible parish sports commissioner, President and Athletic Director.


A coach may, with the approval of the Athletic Director and responsible Sport Commissioner, opt to enter his/her team in a higher or lower division.





A.       Regular Season Events


Participants shall participate pursuant to CYO diocesan participation guidelines. 


B.       Tournament Events


1.       Diocesan CYO regulations for playing time are to take precedent over tournaments.


2.       Participants and parents should be notified in advance of any tournament and what playing time requirements exist for the specific tournament.


3.       CYO Diocesan playing time requirements will apply to a St. Joseph Tournament.





A.       Coaches must meet Diocesan and Diocesan CYO requirements and must complete a coaching application for potential approval.


B.       Coaches should be selected that best meet the following requirements:


1.       Demonstrate Christian values in their daily lifestyles.


2.       A good knowledge of the specific sport.


3.       The ability to organize and communicate effectively with young people.


4.       Supportive of St. Joseph CYO guidelines.





The rules governing CYO Cheerleading at St. Joseph Parish, Avon Lake will be in compliance with, but not limited solely to, the Diocesan CYO Cheerleading rules and philosophies. 


A.      Cheerleading Squad Policy:


1.       There will be NO cuts.  Any girl meeting the Rules, Regulations and Policies for the St. Joseph Cheerleaders, will be accepted as a team member.


2.       All members of the squad will share equally the duties of cheerleading.


3.       The number that will cheer at each event will be determined by the number of uniforms available. 


4.       In the event that there are an insufficient number of uniforms, the uniforms will be exchange among team members so that each squad member shall participate in an established rotation and share equally in cheerleading duties.


5.       In the event that there is a limit to the number of participants permitted on the field, court, etc., the cheerleaders must cheer in rotation so as to assure equal participation in the event. 


6.       Each squad member will be subject to all Rules, Regulations, and Policies for the St. Joseph Cheerleaders.


B.      Competition Cheerleader Squad Policy: 


1.       Tryouts will be held prior to the competition season to determine the competition squad.


2.       Any cheerleading squad member meeting the Rules, Regulations, and Policies for the St. Joseph Cheerleaders will be eligible for tryouts. 


3.       Tryout dates shall be held four weeks prior to the competition season, but not prior to November 1st in order that all girls are given ample time to develop their individual skills.


4.       Tryouts will have a minimum of three independent judges and require evaluation for:


a.       Own cheer (clarity and volume)

b.       Jumps

c.       Splits

d.       Cartwheel


5.       The Cheerleading Competition Squad shall consist of eight (8) girls (or less if school enrollment dictates) plus one (1) alternate. 


6.       Permission slip must be returned to the principal prior to the night of tryouts in order to be eligible.  Cheerleaders are subject to the same regulations as other athletes.


7.       A Competition Cheerleader’s first responsibility is to the squad.  Participation in other sports is permitted, but if a conflict develops between school sports, her first commitment is to the cheerleading squad.