Giving - The Stewardship of Treasure

The Stewardship of Treasure

At St. Joseph Parish, we are encouraging each other to be better stewards of our money, setting aside a generous offering to the parish each week.  This is an important part of our Stewardship Renewal.

Talking about money in a church setting is distasteful to some people - but it shouldn't be.  Jesus himself spoke about money frequently, for the very simple reason that money plays an important role in our lives. 

Guide for Giving 5%

Annual Income

5% Weekly Gift




















Giving Online

Giving - Online

It’s a personal preference, but here are a few of the benefits we hear frequently:

Parishioner Benefits:

  • No need for checks and more secure than cash or checks.
  • Financial planning that allows you to determine when in the month donations are made.
  • Allows you to give even if you are unable to attend parish services.
  • Contribution amount is easily adjusted.
  • Credit Card option allows you to take advantage of any benefits such as airline mlieage or cash bonuses. 
  • Use Online Giving in conjuction with offering envelopes if desired.
  • Becoming an Automated Giver is easy! Enter account information directly into the Online Giving secure site from our home page or fill out the form and let the parish office set up your automated giving.

Parish Benefits:

  • Increases regular giving with recurring contributions.
  • More accurate revenue forecasting facilitates our planning and cash management.
  • Eliminates parish staff's concerns regarding security of sensitive data.
  • Takes less time for staff, allowing more focus on parish minisries and activities. 

Signing Up Is Easy!

Your consistent support of the parish allows us to change peoples' lives for the better, servin those both inside and outside of our parish community. Please help us make a difference and sign up today!

Option #1

  1. Visit our home page ( and click on the "Parishioner Login" button at the bottom. 
  2. Follow the instructions on the page and either Login or Register.
  3. Click on the "Giving" area and go to "My Schedule Giving" section.
  4. If you have any trouble, please contact Jim at or 440.653.5632

Option #2

  1. Complete the online giving form by clicking HERE
  2. Sign it and mail it in or drop it off to the parish office. The parish staff will then register you.

Your consistent support of the parish allows us to change people's lives for the better, serving those both insides and outside of our parish community. Please help us make a difference and sign up today! 

How to Give Online

All information is secure and encrypted to protect you and your information.

  1. You must have a Member Login account to give online, click the “Give Online Now” link below to get started.  Use the same user name and password as you use for myStJoseph.  You will also have access to giving when you are logged into the member page.

  2. Once your new login account is created you are ready to login and give online.  You can give a “one time” contribution or set up “recurring” giving.

  3. You can view Giving Reports at your convenience and download End-Of-Year Statements for tax purposes as well.

Give Online Now