Ignatian 8 Week Retreat

Lenten Retreat: Encountering the God Who Loves You!

Introduction Video – Fr. Ron


Retreat Materials: Introduction

Song – These Alone Are Enough by Dan Schutte

Week 1

Week 1 – Love, Freedom, and Purpose

Video: Spiritual Freedom – First Principles

Retreat Materials - Week 1

Kathy Cooney, Presenter: Handout


Week 2

Week 2 – Finding God in All Things

Video: Examen

Retreat Materials: Week 2

Dan Bradesca, Presenter: Handout


Week 3

Week 3 – Something is Broken

Video: Sin and the Human Condition

Retreat Materials: Week 3

Dan Bradesca, Presenter?: Handout


Week 4

Week 4 – Know Jesus

Video: Imaginative Contemplation

Retreat Materials: Week 4

Rozann Swanson, Presenter: Handout


Week 5

Week 5 – What Do I Really Want?

Video: The Call of Christ the King

Retreat Materials: Week 5

Rozann Swanson, Presenter: Handout


Week 6

Week 6 – The Public Ministry of Jesus

Video: Colloquy

Retreat Materials: Week 6

Kathy Cooney, Presenter: Handout


Week 7

Week 7 - The Suffering Jesus

Video: Sharing the Passion of Jesus

Retreat Materials: Week 7

Jim Armour, Presenter: Handout


Week 8

Week 8 - God’s Love, Our Response

Video: God’s Love & Living Spiritually

Retreat Materials: Week 8

Jim Armour, Presenter: Handout


Conclusion - Gathering the Graces

Video – What is Next?


Retreat Materials: Gathering the Graces - Further Reflections - Evaluation

Fr. Ron, Presenter