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sALt Lite (Jr. High Ministry)


All parishioners (and anyone from any parish and faith) grades 6-8 are welcome to be a part of our jr. high ministry!

Our jr. high youth group focuses on fellowship, fun, food (of course!) and exploring topics important to teens and pre-teens as they grow in their faith and navigate the current culture.

Lite Nights take place at St. Joseph in the social hall, starting with 5:00pm Mass and following with dinner. Afterward students engage in games, activities and small group discussion regarding the topic of the evening. The sessions end at 7:30pm.


2019-2020 Schedule:


September 15: Lite Night

September 29: Lite Night

October 13: Lite Night

October 23: sAlt Lite Fall Trip (in evening)

October 27: Lite Night

November 17: Lite Night

December 1: Lite Night (Please Note that December 8 meeting has been changed to December 1!)

December 27-28: Lock In Find the Form Here

January 12: Lite Night

February 2: 12:00-1:30 Lite Night (Early time due to Super Bowl)

February 16: Lite Night

March 1: Lite Night

March 15: Lite Night

April 5: Lite Night (Palm Sunday)

April 15: sALt Lite Easter Trip (Morning/Afternoon)

May 17: Lite Night (Social Hall) (5th Grade Invited)


Got Questions?

Feel free to contact Michael at

(440) 653-5618 or via Email