2021 Pre-Cana Retreat Day

Pre-Cana Day will be November 13, 2021

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WHAT: St. Joseph will once again host a fall Pre-Cana Retreat Day for those engaged couples about to be married. This year it will be offered both virtually via Zoom and in-person. If you are doing this retreat via Zoom, please make sure you have a functioning webcam, private space, and good internet connection as we want our at-home participants to get the full experience as well. The cost for this retreat is $50 which will also include a continental breakfast and hot lunch. The retreat will conclude with the 4:30pm Mass at St. Joseph.

WHERE: In-person at St. Joseph Social Hall (right off of the main church) or via Zoom.

WHEN: Saturday, November 13, 2021 from 8:30am-4pm

The team asks for prayers for that day and for all engaged couples. The team also asks for prayers for the Sacrament of Marriage and to keep Holy this sacrament. You can contact Phil Lewandowski with any questions: phil@stjosephavonlake.org