Dear PSR Parents,

I am writing today regarding the 2020-21 plans for PSR. I have been working closely with Fr. Ron, the Diocese, and state mandates set forth to prepare for the safe opening of our PSR classes this fall. I have also been working closely with a group of core catechists to develop plans for the coming year.

Special thanks to the many parents who completed the survey. We had a great response of 127 families! Our survey results indicated a fairly even split between parents who were willing to resume on-site PSR classes and those who hoped for other options.

First, PSR Registration will occur only online through Realm this year. Registration will be open August 10-28. Given our present situation, fees will be reduced this year to $50/child. Please be sure to enter the correct grade your children will be entering this fall. Click here to register!

Second, I would like to share the overall PSR plans for the first semester of the PSR year. In our many recent conversations, Fr. Ron and I have considered several options for the coming year. It is clear to us that, during our current circumstances, things are constantly changing, and it has become quite difficult to plan effectively with any certainty. Because of this and because of our desire to keep the safety and well-being of everyone in mind, the only option that will be offered for the first semester of the year is a “Partnership Program” where work will be completed at home under the direction, involvement and guidance of our catechists. 

While we will be physically apart during this first semester of PSR, you will not be alone to bear the burden. Our goal is to travel this time together minimizing stress while maximizing faith formation and our relationship with Jesus. Our community of PSR catechists will remain connected and engaged with you and with your children. Doable and small bites will guide the structure we develop.

A core group of catechists has been meeting to create the structure of this Partnership Program. We are in the process of developing a combination of textbook work, pre-recorded videos, monthly Zoom meetings and family activities (including supplies) to keep us engaged with each other while being physically apart.  You will also have online access to additional resources from our textbook company, Loyola Press, to supplement and simplify your child's faith formation while at home. Specific details will be sent shortly within another email.  

Thank you for your trust in me and in my catechist community to care for you and for your family during this time. You have my promise that we will continue to travel this road and share this endeavor together!

In His Service,
Rozann Swanson, DRE