Adult Faith Formation: Reality of God

The Reality of God Adult Faith Formation Program

In this presentation, in simple and accessible language, you will be guided through the most compelling evidence for the existence of God. You will see how biology, chemistry and other natural sciences, far from disproving religious beliefs, suggest and reveal the existence of a Creator at every turn!

Where: St. Joseph’s Social Hall

When: Two Opportunitites to Attend! Daytime from 11:30-1:00 PM, with lunch provided, AND evenings from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM, with dessert and refreshments provided.

4/11/18, Week One: The Origin of the Beginning

4/18/18, Week Two: The Architect of the Laws of Nature

4/25/18, Week Three: The Creator’s Fine-Tuning

5/2/18, Week Four: The Truths in Genesis 

5/9/18, Week Five: Evolution as part of God’s creation

5/16/18, Week Six: The Cause of Genetic Information

5/23/18, Week Seven: Consciousness and Conscience

5/30/18, Week Eight: The Light of Reason 


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