Spirit & Song Hymnal | Prayers and Memorial

Consider a donation to help defray the costs of our new hynmals and offer a prayer or intention for a loved one at the same time!

Eariler in the year, we decided to purchase permanent Spirit and Song hymnals over the alternative disposeable options. We found this option as a cost-saving investment and one that will most beneficial to our parish community. Each book costs a little over $20, and so we are recommending a donation of $20. 

This donation, if you choose, will also allow you put a specific intention in the front cover as a permanent memto to your loved one. This can be prayers for a certain individual or a memorial for someone who has passed away. 

We will be accepting donations through November, after which time we will put the your intention in a book. 

We have purchased 800 books, so please help us meet our mark!Spirit and Song


Thank You!


Please note: when filling out the form, please write in all information as you would like it to appear in the book.