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Welcome all to our youth ministry page! Here you can find the information for our upcoming programs and our current programs as well.

I would like to personally extend a warm welcome to you, the youth of this parish. You are such an important part of the Church and each one of you brings many gifts to the table. Please consider joining our youth programs, whether you are in Jr. High (Edge) or are in High School (Insight). The youth ministry team is super excited to meet you and get to know you!

Thanks and God bless,

Michael Grecol, Youth Minister

Follow these links to our Jr. High and High School Ministries!


Edge (Jr. High)            Insight (High School)


Check out our awesome opportunities coming up this Summer!


Just 5 Days                Jr. High Service Days                    YNIA


Please consider volunteering for Youth Ministry

If you are an adult or young person who is wishing to volunteer your time, resources, or prayers your help is always welcome!

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