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Life Teen: Leading Teens Closer to Christ
Every Sunday: 5:00 pm Mass – 6 pm Dinner and Life Night


The basic components of Life Teen in a parish incorporate: Weekly youth Mass, Weekly catechetical Life Nights, Justice and service opportunities, Annual teen and Core retreats, Relational ministry development, Community building that engage teens in the life of the parish while advocating their needs

Life Teen also provides resources and opportunities for: Weekly Bible studies, Weekly XLT prayer experiences with Eucharistic Adoration, Teen events (Conferences and Inspirational experiences), Teen leadership development, Catholic summer experiences and much more!

Teens learn about the Mass by being “full, active and conscious” members of the community. Teens not only engage in the liturgy, but also serve as leaders of hospitality, altar servers, lectors, ushers, musicians, vocalists and, when allowed, extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist.

Please consider volunteering for Life Night

  • CORE
    Life Teen program relies heavily on the time and talents of adults within the parish community, men and women who truly care about our youth, and who are selfless enough to make sacrifices that ensure that our young people come to know God through the love of Christ and truth of the sacraments. Young adults, married couples and older adults all bring something unique and special to this group.
    Parents are the first teachers of the faith to their children. The Parent Life group strives to present parents opportunities to not only draw closer to Christ but also to support youth ministry in the parish. Assist the youth minister and core with time consuming administrative work.
    Have a heart for God, not only in Church and at life nights, but also on their school campuses, in the locker rooms and at their work. More mature teens who understand a little bit more about what it means to have the heart of a servant.
    This group specifically prays for the core team and the prayer needs of the core/teens.
    Take pictures of each Life Night and youth events. Email to our Director of Marketing within 24 hours of the event.
    Help with a newsletter, mailing, retreat form, letter or some other important office job.
    Coordinate service projects such as visits to the homeless shelter, mission trips, food bank and other service sites.
    Teens love food! Help prepare, cook and serve meals/snacks.

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