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2023 Lenten Fish Fry

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ALLERGEN WARNING - All sauces are optional and served on the side in separate container. Fried perch and shrimp batter contains egg- they are fried individually and separated from other fish and tater tots. The oil provided does not contain any peanut ingredients- it is all fresh soybean oil. Salmon and Cod are prepared in a grapeseed and olive oil blend. Dill sauce contains butter. Green beans are seasoned with butter. Coleslaw is made with mayonnaise, and does contain egg products. Pie's contain a milk wash while baking. Pierogi contains butter and egg in the noodle batter. Cabbage and noodles contain butter. Tomato bisque is gluten free, contains cream. NE Clam chowder contains shellfish, butter, cream and flour. 

DRIVE-THRU: Please enter the parking lot from Lake Road and drive towards the Church. The line coming in from the Lake Road entrance will split into two: Please follow the directional arrows and let our traffic volunteers guide you to where you need to be. Follow the arrows around the perimeter of the parking lot, to the southern-facing doors of the Gathering Area, under the tent. Someone will come to your window, take your order, name, and payment if you are driving up to order. If you ordered ahead online, you will be directed to a numbered spot where your food will be brought to you. Your meal(s) will be brought to your car, along with your receipt and any change.

DINE IN: All traffic will enter via Lake Road. Please pull into the northeast driveway and follow the directions of the traffic volunteers who will guide you to the dine-in parking area. Once you find a parking spot, make your way into the Parish Center under the navy blue awning that says "Parish Center and Credit Union." If you ordered ahead online, you can check in at the table in the hallway to obtain your ticket and find a seat in the dining room. If you need to place an order, stop at the cashiers table in the hallway and a volunteer will take your order and direct you into the dining room to find a seat. Coffee and water will be provided for those who are dining in. 



At this time we are seeking many volunteers to help make this Fish Fry a success! We ask that when you sign up for a position, but please remain flexible and understanding that we may have to shift things around at the last minute. Jobs might change on the fly, so we ask for your patience and cooperation each week. Please consider volunteering with your friends and family! We need plenty of hands this year, however, if you plan on bringing a friend, your friend MUST be signed up for a time slot. Only volunteers who are on the sign up sheet will be able to participate. Safety is our highest concern for our volunteers and everyone needs to be accounted for. We are grateful to all of you that want to spend your time keeping this event so successful!


Please come prepared for weather if you are signing up for an outdoor position. We are hoping to have enough volunteers so that we can rotate people between inside and outside, especially if the temperatures are cold and wet. 


Volunteers MUST park on the north side of the campus. We need to keep the south parking lot as clear as possible for drive-thru and dine-in guests. Volunteer check in will be held in the cafeteria. When you enter the parish center doors, go down the hallway and enter in the first brown door on the right side. Check in with the volunteer coordinators, and they will provide you with apron and a nametag. Once you are ready, they will send you to the volunteer team lead who will show you the ropes! 

We look forward to seeing you! Email with any questions!

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