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Exodus 90 is a ninety-day spiritual exercise for men based on three pillars: prayer, asceticism, and fraternity. All three of these pillars are essential aspects of the Christian life. It is for this reason that taking up this spiritual exercise requires taking up all three of these pillars humbly. To read more about the Exodus 90 program, visit their website exodus90.com

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Ordering Your Priorities: Building a Life Well Lived is a new eight-lesson Bible study for women from Walking with Purpose. This immensely practical study will help you discover and prioritize what matters most in life, give structure to your day, and settle your heart as you build authentic connections with other women. While all ladies can benefit from this study, those with children
from birth through high school age may find it particularly helpful.

This group will meet once a week during the weeks of February 13 - April 3 with specific dates and times TBD based on the availability of registrants. Participants are encouraged to spend 15 minutes per day for 5 days a week praying and working on the lesson outside of the meeting times. 
If you are interested in joining a group of fabulous women for this opportunity, see the link below!

For questions, contact Laurann Collins: laurannandmike@gmail.com




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We are so excited that St. Joseph Parish will be continuing our dynamic faith-sharing experience, Communio Groups. These groups take small-group sharing, reflection and prayer to the next level. They allow for each member to walk the journey of faith with spiritual friends while deepening one’s relationship with Jesus. If you are interested or need more info, contact Phil Lewandowski by email at phil@stjosephavonlake.org or phone, 440-653-5638.


Encountering the God Who Loves You
A Lenten Retreat

“All Christians are invited to a ‘renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ.’ Christ calls all people to himself in his Body, the Church, through the workings of the Holy Spirit, so that we can enter into a personal relationship with God the Father.”

Living as Missionary Disciples: Page 31


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Parish School of Religion (PSR)

Sunday School is our Parish School of Religion for public school students in grades 1-8. It includes sacramental preparation for students in 2nd and 8th grades, who are studying the sacraments of initiation they receive in those years, First Communion and Confirmation. 


The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is for people interested in joining the Catholic Church or for Catholics who want to strengthen their understanding
of their faith and the teachings of the church.  Team members greet candidates, lead small group discussions, and lead prayer sessions.  


The Rite of Christian Initiation for Children is part of RCIA.  Team members are needed to instruct children in grades 3-9 in small groups about God's love, Catholic beliefs, prayer and church membership.  RCIC is scheduled as needed.